Refrigerated Containers

Port Containers offer a range of Refrigerated Shipping containers for your storage requirements. These shipping containers are available in 20 feet and 40 feet, for the perfect storage solution to have your products or items stored in a controlled temperature.

20′ Refrigerated Containers
40′ Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers have the ability to control the temperature range between plus or minus 25 degrees Celsius. All refrigerated units are pre-tripped for 24-48 hours to the degrees required by you prior to arriving onsite. This ensures that the containers are 100% operational and ready for your storage purposes.

Operational refrigerated containers are of a good quality, so for future purposes like overseas shipping or interstate rail, Port Containers can supply you with a CSC certificate for either option. Any storage container used in international shipping must have this certification.

We also carry new and used storage containers for those looking to save a bit of money on shipping costs. They have 3 phase power with a 415 volt power supply; however we can supply you with single phase power if you require this for your site. Refrigerated containers are available in popular name-brands such as Thermo King, Mitsubishi, Carrier and more. If your storage requires cooler temperatures, or even just a particular temperature to ensure your goods stay fresh, then a refrigerated container is the best container for your needs.

Port Containers carries new storage containers in a variety of colors, or browse our used containers for sale to get a special bargain while supplies last.


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