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The 40′ HC i.e. 12m high-cube container is our most popular container for freight use. It offers double the space of a 6m container and is ideal for storing long goods and equipment. This container can be used for storage or freight transport, as all our containers are ISO compliant and CSC approved containers. The melbourne shipping containers is 9ft 6 inches high, i.e. about 30 cm higher than the DC Container, so the additional space can be used to optimize transport costs.

Available with a fast delivery time from more than 70 of our depots.

Effects : melbourne shipping containers

The floor material in the containers is bamboo, plywood or timber plank, and they come with standard ventilation valves. Handling with a forklift or by lifting from the corner pieces. A used container is a great choice for export or when you need the most affordable price. New containers are eye-catching solutions when you want items such as project equipment to be easily available and highly visible.

This container can be equipped in a number of ways, including electrification, thermal insulation, demountable rails, and access doors. You can choose between new and used containers and add the desired accessories to your request for a quote. We will reply within 24 hours.

New container

  • A container used for only one trip, which is therefore in the best possible condition
  • Single coloured and without large logos
  • Comes with a standard welded protective case
  • Double doors at one end and, in most cases, raised door handles for easy use
  • Ventilation valves
  • Suitable for freight use: CSC-plated for 12 to 60 months
  • New containers always have small traces from freight and handling.

Used container

  • Used container with an age of 5-15 years
  • Double doors at one end and door handle design varies (usually close to the ground)
  • Ventilation valves
  • Suitable for freight use. The standard is a CSC-plate for 12 months
  • Used containers have traces of use from previous years, as well as traces of possible repairs
  • Containers often have large logos on the sides

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