20′DV – Standard

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20-foot standard container (20 Dry Freight Container, 20 foot, 20’dv, 20 dc) – is the most common type of container. Used for transporting a wide variety of goods, that are suitable by size and don’t require special conditions for the transporting

The walls of the standard rectangle container are made from corrugated metal with doors located at one end. Very often wooden flooring is used inside the 20-foot standard container.

External dimensions Internal dimensions Door aperture
  Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
20′DV 6058 2438 2591 5905 2350 2381 2336 2291
Weight Characteristics
Maximum gross weight Tare weight Maximum load capacity Capacity Stacking Amount of held euro pallets (1200х800 mm)
24000 – 30480 2145 – 2370 21630 – 28335 33 – 33,2 86400,9 11


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