40Ft Flat Rack Container

40ft flat rack shipping containers can be loaded from both the top and the sides. We offer new and used high-quality 40ft flat rack containers for sale to store and transport massive cargo.

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Container FLAT RACK — it is a container – a platform that has no side walls (only the end wall(s) without doors). Are two types – fixed ends and collapsible ends.

Designed for transporting heavy and long goods: buses, trucks, machinery, and equipment parts, as well as other similar heavy cargos. Flat Racks are ideal to transport heavy-duty ‘out of gauge’ cargo from either length, width, or height.

The two end walls can either be mounted on or collapsed depending on the size of the cargo being carried. When the walls are mounted several racks can be stacked on top of each whilst loaded with cargo and during transportation. On the other hand, the racks can be collapsed to reduce costs whilst empty repositioning

Common notations:

40’FT Collapsible flat rack, 40’FR

External dimensions Internal dimensions
Length Width Height Length Width Height







Weight Characteristics
Maximum gross weight Tare weight Maximum load capacity Capacity
30480 4200 26280 67.1

The 40ft Flat Rack Container is a specialized container for the storage and transportation of goods with unique dimensions that cannot fit inside a standard container. The 40ft Flat Rack is the largest size we have on offer, and the end walls can fold flat meaning the empty units can be shipped together more efficiently.

Key Features

  • ISO certified and CSC plated for transporting by rail, sea, and road
  • Flat folding end walls
  • Available in: 20ft and 40ft sizes. We also offer platform (flatbed) containers in 20ft and 40ft
  • Hire, purchase or request modifications
  • We deliver worldwide


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