“A Pallet Wide Container is manufactured approx 4 inches (10.2 cm) wider than a standard width container to enable the stowage of more pallets in a single tier thus eliminating the unused space that can occur in a standard width container.

40’ Containers are manufactured with one set of double doors on one end of the container and are generally ideal to transport voluminous cargo such as furniture, cotton, and tobacco, rather than heavy cargo.

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45ft pallet wide container

Pallet Wide containers anonymous statistical purposes: the most efficient way to ship Euro-pallets. The Pallet Wide shipping containers are adequate for shipping Euro-pallets because the interior dimensions are slightly wider than the dimensions of a standard container. Trident has a very large fleet of these types of 40′PW – PALLETWIDE containers. We have 40-foot risk of the cargo, 40-foot High Cubes, and 45-foot High Cube Pallet Wide containers heavy tested in stock.

We sell both new and used containers. You can also lease and rent our containers.

The increase of the width of the Standard container for 5 cm allows placing in it side by side 2 standard euro – pallets 120 cm – wide. Currently, the equipment of many container ships allows a place of 40’PW – PALLETWIDE wider containers in standard container slots.


External dimensions Internal dimensions Door aperture
  Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
40′PW 13553 2426 2694 12100 2426 2684 2360 2585
Weight Characteristics
Tare weight Capacity Amount of held euro pallets (1200х800 mm)
4150 79.1 30

Palletized goods that are shipped in containers increase not only loading and unloading efficiency but also navigate through the distribution channels with minimum labor costs. So it is very wise for both exporters and importers to use pallets and containers at the same time. But standard containers have one disadvantage. It is not possible to load the maximum number of pallets into the standard containers, because of a width constraint.


• designed to optimize the carriage or
storage of goods on euro-pallets with
exterior width of 2.50 meters;
euro-pallets measure 1200 mm x
800 mm
• compared to a standard container,
a 45ft Pallet Wide Container can carry
between three and six euro-pallets
• 20‘ Pallet Wide:
14 instead of 11 euro-pallets
• 40‘ Pallet Wide:
30 instead of 25 euro-pallets
• 45‘ Pallet Wide:
33 instead of 27 euro-pallets
• approximately 30 cm higher than
normal 45ft Pallet Wide Containers
• attention must be paid to any height
restrictions such as bridge and tunnel
height when using road or rail
• may require the need to use a
special chassis or wagon


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