New and used 45’HCPW Reefer containers

Trident Container has both new and used containers in stock. Trident Container Leasing B.V. only purchases from carefully selected manufacturers that meet our stringent quality demands. Our containers, therefore, have the utmost quality.

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45ft Reefer Container

The largest reefer container in our collection is the 45′ HCPW Reefer Container. The container is about 13.5 m long, about 30 cm higher than a normal container (HC, High Cube), and about 8 cm wider (PW, pallet wide) than other reefer containers. The containers have an electric (32A/400V/5-pin) or diesel-powered refrigeration unit at one end wall and double doors at the other.

The Reefer Container is adjustable between -25 and +25°C with an accuracy of about one degree, depending on the model. Containers usually have a standard flat floor. Available as new and used and with various accessories.

All our used containers are maintained, tested, and repainted. Our technicians have tested all the machinery and they have performed a PTI test, which the machinery must pass before being sold. We repaint all used containers before delivery to extend the life cycle of the container. The standard colors are white and light grey, but the container can be custom painted in your desired color. All of our containers are suitable for freight use and have a valid CSC plate.

Technical specifications: Machinery such as Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin

Cooling range: -25°C – +25°C

Powersupply: 380/440V, 32Amp, 50/60 Hrz, CEE-plug

Coolant: Freon R-134A, Freon R-409A

External dimensions Internal dimensions Door aperture Weight
Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height Maximum gross weight Tare weight Maximum load capacity
45′RF 13716 2556 2896 13113 2438 2585 34800 6120 28680
Capacity Cooling capacity Heating capacity Average electricity consumption Coolant Powersupply Cooling range Amount
of holded
euro pallets
(1200х800 mm)
80.9 3400-4200 5000-5200 5.8
R12; R134A;
R404A; R409A
360/460V 50Hrz -25 – +25 32


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