shipping containers for sale in amarillo texas

The 6m insulated Shipping containers for sale in Amarillo Texas – Shipping… include double doors at the end and disc valves for ventilation. We can also add other accessories, such as lighting, heating, and shelves.  We recommend a radiator for winter storage, with the heating unit equipped with a thermostat maintaining a steady temperature.  Other common installations include inlets, improved ventilation, and footings for installed equipment.

The container floor is insulated from below with 50 mm XPS, matching the floor’s load capacity with the container’s default value, i.e. more than 25,000 kg. This also makes loading with a pallet jack easy as there is no extra threshold.  The 20′ insulated containers are built using an ISO standard compliant marine container so that it has a lifetime of several decades and can be shipping containers for sale in Amarillo texas transported by road like a standard container.

For international freight purposes, we can offer Port Containers USA-insulated containers.  These Port Containers USA are suitable for international transport like normal containers. They are equipped with a valid CSC plate+stamp and meet ISO requirements. Please note that the floors of Port Containers USA are not insulated and that ventilation is implemented with the container’s own ventilation valves. Requests for Port Containers USA equipment must be declared when placing an order!

We also offer older containers as part of our rental equipment stock at an affordable price, complete with e.g. XPS insulation. Contact our sales department to enquire about today’s selection of available options.

Standard equipment

  • Walls, ceiling, and doors insulated with 40–60mm PIR
  • Floor insulated underneath 50mm XPS
  • Two ventilation valves
  • Moldings

Basic details

  • Marine containers compliant with the ISO Standard
  • Double doors at the end with a welded protective case. Locked using a padlock.
  • Load capacity: Container default, i.e. approximately 25-30,000 kg
  • Floor: Container plywood or bamboo (container default flooring)
  • Container weight: 2,100-2,400 kg depending on the model
  • Transport: Standard transport similar to a marine container, not suitable for train or marine traffic (requires a SOC model)
  • Maneuvering: Using forklift pockets or corner pieces.

New container

  • New marine container that has been used once
  • A protective case is supplied as part of the standard equipment
  • Very clean, doors function without problems
  • Long lifetime and minimal requirement for maintenance
  • New insulation

Used container

  • Intact, watertight container
  • Age 7-15 years, external signs of use
  • The protective case supplied as additional equipment
  • Requires maintenance, e.g. rusting
  • Doors occasionally require work and maintenance

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