corten steel shipping containers for sale

Corten steel shipping containers for sale: By far the two most popular containers you will come across are the regular 20-foot shipping container and the regular 40-foot shipping container.  Here we explain the dimensions of the 20-foot shipping container.

20ft Shipping Container Dimensions

The standard 20ft shipping container is a popular pick for companies who need easy maneuverability.

20ft containers have a distinct advantage over 40ft containers and that is that they are significantly easier to transport.  They are also cheaper than the 40ft containers to the tune of several thousand dollars per container and are also cheaper to transport.

External Length19ft 10½”
External Width8ft
External Height8ft 6″
Internal Length19ft 4″
Internal Width7ft 8″
Internal Height7ft 10″
Container Door Opening Width7ft 8″
Container Door Opening Height7ft 5″
Internal Cubic Capacity1,170 cu feet
Tare Weight2,060 kg
Net Load Weight28,420 kg
Maximum Gross Weight30,480 kg
Floor Space150 sq ft

Corten steel shipping containers for sale

Standard Weights

Typical Weights of Standard Shipping Containers
Max Gross Weight30,480kg*30,400kg
Tare Weight2,170kg3,750kg
Payload (or Net Weight)28,310kg26,730kg

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