10ft Shipping Containers


Length: 2991 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 2830 mm, Width: 2329 mm, Height: 2390 mm.

Capacity: 15 m3

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10ft Shipping Containers

The 10ft shipping container is available for small to medium-sized cargo that needs to be transported or stored. Due to their size, they are excellent for meeting storage requirements in confined spaces as they can usually fit inside a regular parking space.

They have the same features as a standard 10 foot high cube Shipping Container, with double doors at one end, a lockbox, multiple air vents, a high-quality marine plywood floor, four locking bars with waist height locking handles and are available in blue or green.

These containers are only available once used and come to CSC Plated, ready to be used as cargo containers.

10 foot wide shipping containers for sale

This 3 m Mini Container is a familiar sight at construction sites and yards. The 10′ Storage Container is built purely for storage use, so it only weighs approx. 800 kg. The forklift pockets and the light weight enable versatile transportation methods as well as installations even in small spaces. This extremely popular Storage Container is ideal if you need a safe and weatherproof storage space but don’t need a bigger 6 m/20 ft container!

The container has double doors on one side with locking bars. The latch has a protective cover, under which there is an option to add a padlock. Rain-protected IV valves on the walls and forklift pockets on the frame to move the container. The containers come with a standard 25 mm wooden floor. Also available with plywood and steel floors 10×10 shipping container for sale.

10 Foot Shipping Container Size, Weight, and Dimensions

10ft containers are one of the smallest standard containers available for rent or purchase. Although compact in size with limited storage space, they are still equal to the durability and strength of their larger counterparts, and in some cases come with much higher prices than 20ft and 40ft containers.

Here are the dimensions of a standard 10ft shipping container:

External Height: 8ft 6″ (2.59m)

External Width: 8ft (2.44m)

External Length: 10ft (3.48m)

Internal Height: 7ft 10″ (2.38m)

Internal Width: 7ft 8″ (2.35m)

Internal Length: 9ft 3″ (2.81m)

Tare Weight: 2,850lbs (1,300kg)

Max Cargo Weight: 19,530lbs (8858.7kg)

Max Volume: 563 cubic feet

Accessories such as shelves and thermal insulation, lights and access door are available for the storage container. The container can be delivered in several different colours and taped with requested logos. The 10 foot wide shipping containers for sale is only suitable for storage use.


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