shipping containers for sale Milwaukee

Shipping containers for sale Milwaukee. Our popular 20-foot TargetBox mobile sea container can be purchased today and delivered in as little as 48 hours at a very affordable price.

What can you do with a 20-foot shipping container in Canada? For those who require frequent temporary storage, it can be purchased to reduce your repetitive storage rental costs. Your new 20-foot storage box fits comfortably on most driveways and holds the contents of most two to three-bedroom homes.

Owners of shipping containers can also see great value in keeping their units permanently on their property. Consider using it as inexpensive yet secure winter storage for a convertible, a yard equipment storage shed, a workshop separate from your home to reduce noise pollution, shipping containers for sale Milwaukee or just some extra space to free up family spaces in your home. Whatever you decide to use it for, know that your container will keep its contents safe, secure, dry, and conveniently located for years to come.

Measurements: Width: 8ft > Height: 8.5ft > Length: 19.84ft > Weight: 5,204 lbs
Capacity Details: 32.8m (1,158 cu.ft)
Security Details: Containers made out of 14-gauge steel, with extra-strong members and corner posts. Our 20-foot containers have a lockbox system that protects them from bolt cutters.

Cost to Rent Used Steel Shipping Containers

The cost of renting used shipping containers for sale in milwaukee varies depending on the size and duration of your lease. In addition, specialized containers will come with different price tags.

Below are some common storage containers and what you can expect to pay for a rental.

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