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Used 20 Foot Container: A used 20’ shipping container also provides 160 ft sq square of storage space. Our used 20’ containers are 8’ tall and 6’ wide on the outside. This results in an interior height of 7’8” shipping containers for sale redding. Used 20-foot shipping containers are anywhere from 8-15 year’s old. They’ve had a good life in the shipping industry and are ready to be repurposed for non-cargo uses.

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However, these containers are still completely wind and water-tight and could still be used to ship overseas if needed.

Simple Box’s used 20’ shipping containers can come in a variety of colors, including dark red, dark blue, dark green, and occasionally orange or brown. Our expert modification team can modify your used 20’ container by adding a lockbox, custom paint, doors, windows, electrical outlets, overhead lights, or anything else to make your used 20-foot shipping container even more useful.

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