We have high-quality 45ft high cube shipping containers for sale and delivery worldwide. Check out our website to see 45ft high cube container prices and delivery details.

45ft feet high cube containers are perfect for transporting large cargo, dry goods, and voluminous equipment that won’t fit in ordinary containers.

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DRY FREIGHT CONTAINER – 45′HC – HIGH CUBE – HIGHER CAPACITY; Standard 45’ Containers are manufactured with one set of double doors on one end of the container and are generally ideal to transport voluminous cargo such as furniture, cotton, and tobacco, rather than heavy cargo. This 45FT shipping container is the storage solution you’ve been looking for. Durable, secure, portable, stackable, and easily modified to suit your requirements. Shipping containers are the most versatile storage and transport solution available.

45-foot container of higher capacity: 45 Dry High Cube Container, 45 High Cube, 45 HC.

External dimensions Internal dimensions Door aperture
  Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
45′HC 13716 2438 2896 13556 2352 2698 2343 2585
Weight Characteristics
Maximum gross weight Tare weight Maximum load capacity Capacity
30400 4590 25600 86.1


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