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TANK – IMO 2 – containers with the level of security “IMO 2″ are used to transport chemistry, and a wide range of food liquids, including hazardous (concentrated) liquids, which are allowed to transport only in the cistern with bottom discharge.

This 20ft tank container features an IMO 2 label, which means that non-flammable chemicals are permitted. The tank is equipped with a coating that ensures optimal protection during transport, by road, or by water. This tank container can completely be customized, for example by changing the bodom loading into top loading or the mounting of a handrail.

20ft tank containers come with IMO certification. This IMO certification indicates which liquids may be carried in the container, such as liquids with explosion or fire hazards, gases, and other combustible materials.

ISO Tanks Containers IMO-2 for Low Hazardous Liquids 20FT

– capacity of the cistern 21-30 thousand liters,
– shell thickness of the cistern – 3-4 mm,
– equipping with top discharge depends on the type of cargo,
– working pressure in the flask – 1,75 – 3 Bar.
– can be equipped with steam and electric curing, as well as with an additional layer of heat isolation.

Capacity Volume Wall thickness Maximum pressure Working pressure Steam heating surface Thermal Insulation
20 17000 – 26000 3-4 2.62 1.75 2,5 – 5 0,7 – 0,17
Tare weight Maximum gross weight Maximum load capacity Type of product Safety devices according to international requirements
IMO 2 (Gasoline,Kerosene) 3500 24000 – 30000 20500 Gasoline, Kerosene valve


IMO-2 Type (semi-hazardous) tanks.

These units are designed for the carriage of:

-Liquids with a flashpoint of 0 deg C to 61 deg C with no secondary hazard requiring a type 1 tank.

-Certain low-hazard toxics and corrosives

-liquids with a total containment pressure of less than 1.724 bar (25 psi) always provided that the total containment pressure does not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure of the tank.

IMO-2 tanks have a double valve system consisting of an internal stainless steel foot valve operated by an external handle biased-closed by a spring plus a 3-inch full bore stainless steel ball valve or butterfly valve with a 3-inch BSP screwed outlet and blanking cap or plate


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