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BUY 20FT TANK CONTAINER IMO 0 – Containers For Sale

A 20ft tank container IMO 0 has a barrel of stainless steel, which is surrounded by isolation and a protective layer, usually of polyurethane and aluminum.

A 20ft tank container IMO 0 is built according to the ISO standard, making it suitable for different types of container transport. In this specific tank container, both hazardous and non-hazardous substances and products can be transported.

Tank – containers with the level of security “IMО 0″ are used to transport non–hazardous food cargo which does not require loading/unloading under high pressure: vegetable oils, mineral water, milk, juices (not concentrated). The capacity of such containers is 20- 30 thousand liters. The shell thickness of the cistern – is 2 mm. Tank – the container can be equipped with a layer of heat isolation and steam curing.

Capacity Volume Wall thickness Maximum pressure Working pressure Steam heating surface Thermal Insulation
20 17000 – 26000 2-3 0.6 0 1.5-5 0,7 – 0,17
Tare weight Maximum gross weight Maximum load capacity Type of product Safety devices according to international requirements
IMO 0 (Water, Wine, Oil, Milk) 3500 24000 – 30000 20500 Water, Wine, Oil, Milk valve


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